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Gold and Silver Microsoft Partner with Xink

✓ Offer your clients automatic email signatures with Microsoft 365.
✓ You get an easy add-on line item with a recurring margin.
✓ ISO 27001 environment and GDPR approved.

(14-day trial; no credit card)

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We encourage you to take advantage of our pre-sales, onboarding, and support resources. You won't need to spend any time on these tasks, and we will ensure that your clients are fully satisfied.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you partner with Xink, you can offer centralized email signatures on all devices to your clients. 

As a partner, you get a partner account where you can create, impersonate and manage your client accounts from one login.

The Xink service helps keep your clients happy, as all the end users will see the results many times a day. 

Depending on your volume, you get a recurring margin starting at 30% and up to 70%. 

We support you and your clients 100%, and you only need to spend 45 min. to get a client up and running.

We help you complete the technical configurations during a quick remote session.

In addition, you can use our pre-sales resources to demo for your clients (a quick 30 min. remote session).

The next step would be a partner intro meeting (45 min.)

Pick our time slot (45 min.).

XINK Partner Program - Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner

The Xink Partner Program
is effective!

By joining the Xink Partner Program, you’ll receive a partner login. 
This allows you to manage licenses and billing on behalf of your clients.

Quick 1-on-1 Partner Intro

Who is the typical Xink partner?

Our partners are usually IT infrastructure companies, wholesale distributors, managed service providers, and consultancies.

Therefore, if you assist other companies with Microsoft 365,
Xink is a valuable add-on.


We help you gain and retain clients

Your client stays on brand and save time. Automatic email signatures for all users are essential for businesses of all sizes.

Brand management in email signatures across devices and platforms can be a timely and challenging affair to handle manually.

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